Light Microscopes

Leica DM2700 M

The Leica DM2700 M shows you how simple and reliable microscopy can be.  It is an ideal inspection tool for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in metallography, earth science, forensic investigation, and materials quality control and research

Leica DMi8 Inverted Microscope

The Leica DMi8 gives you one platform to match the future of life sciences. From basic microscopy to high-end imaging, the Leica DMi8 has the ability to grow with your ever-changing needs, as well as the option to add new components as technology evolves

Leica DM4 P

If you would like to investigate crystalline structures, polarization microscopy will serve you best. Whether it be minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement, with our polarization microscopes you will see what interests you most as a researcher or in quality assurance